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  • Welcome to the Family where our mission is…


    To Love God’s People, to Learn His Word and to Live His Way.

    Bethel Church Bristol is a community Church in the heart of St. George, Bristol. We are led by Bishop Dexter E. Edmund who is our Senior Pastor and we live by the principles of ‘Loving God’s People, Learning His Word and Living His Way’.  Our desire as a church is to be a beacon of light in the community, to be a place where those who don’t know where else to turn, can come and find a place of peace, encouragement and hope.  At Bethel Church Bristol we see people of all ages and backgrounds coming together with a united aim and focus, to see Jesus’ kingdom here on earth.  For the wealthy and the not so well, Bethel Church Bristol is a place where everyone is welcome, and where no one has to handle life alone.



    Our Response to the Current Pandemic


    Our Bishop and Leaders of Bethel Church UK have been closely following the advice and information being shared on a daily basis by NHS England, and due to the continued spread of the virus and the need to contain COVID-19 and in order to safeguard the health of our church members, their families and our vunerable members, have made the decision to postpone all services due to be held at Bethel Church Bristol until further notice.

    (19th March 2020)



    How to Donate to our Ministry


    Although we will not be gathering together in person due to the need for necessary social distancing during this time, we still need your financial support in order to continue our ministry.

    There are several ways that you can give.



    If you are in the UK, you can donate any whole amount from £5 to £20 by texting BCB followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70085.

    e.g.   If you want to donate £10, you would text BCB 10 to 70085

    Texts cost the price of a standard rate message, plus the donation amount.  e.g 0.05p plus £10, totalling £10.05



    Whether you are in the UK or abroad, you can donate any amount to Bethel Church Bristol using PayPal.

    Please either click the donate button as below:




    Please follow instructions once you have accessed the PayPal system, where if you haven't got an account already, you can either set one up in a few easy steps or you can pay directly by debit or credit card.

    We thank you in advance, and appreciate your kind support and generosity towards the ministry of Bethel Church Bristol.



    Staying Connected


    Not being able to assemble together is challenging for all of us, but especially within a church community such as Bethel Church Bristol.  However, even though we are not connected physically outside of our households, by the wonder of technology we aim to stay connected over social media and through telecommuncations.


    Prayer Call

    You can join our prayer every Monday at 5:55PM, and every Friday and alternate Wednesdays at 5:55AM - (except on the weeks where Bethel UK National Prayer and Fasting is being held)  Please see calendar for up to date information. 


    Bethel Church Bristol Prayer Call Details: 

    To join the call please dial:  0333 011 0464

    When prompted, enter room number:  659 151 60#

    Pin number: 3597#


    Please press the MUTE key immediately on entry to the call.  Please do not say your name on entry, just press the # (hash) key and you will enter into the call, again remembering to press MUTE on entry.  This is to avoid disruption to the prayer lead and others already on the call.



    Our Bishop will be broadcasting messages via our YouTube channel on Sundays from 10:30am and Wednesdays from 7:30pm, so if you haven't already subscribed, please head on over to YouTube, search for us with either 'Bethel Church Bristol' or 'Bethel Church Bristol Worship' and hit the subscribe button for live notifications of when a new broadcast is being shown.


    Social Media

    For the latest updates please follow us on Facebook and Instagram by searching for 'Bethel Church Bristol', where we endeavour to keep you up-to-date with all the latest information about our ministry.



    Thought of the Week.


    AUGUST 2020



    The month of August signifies new beginnings. It points to Resurrection and starting anew.

    In this month, we will make declarations on which a Godly life is based: declarations of the love of God, prayer, giving to others, and persistence: we never give up. In living such a life, we shall be bold, courageous, and successful.


    Thought:  I choose to live a lifestyle of love.


    Affirmation:  I love with the love of the LORD.


    Prayer:  Father, as I live a life of righteousness, joy and peace, thank You that I live a life of love. I reach out today, to share Your love, wherever I go. In Jesus’ name. Amen 🙏🏽🙏🏽


    Scripture:  John 3:16-17 KJV

    [16] For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. [17] For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.




    Church Life


    Our desire as a church is to be a beacon of light in the community.


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Bethel Church Bristol, 254A Church Road, St George, Bristol, BS5 8AR


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